Support a GAO Review of FERC by sending letters to your state’s representative!

ferc-stampThe Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) operates as a Rubber Stamp on the pipeline infrastructure projects that come before it for review – with FERC approval being a foregone conclusion once the project goes before the FERC Commissioners for their vote. This bias is fueled by the fact that FERC is 100% funded by the pipeline industry and the other industries it is supposed to be independently regulating. In addition, the revolving door between FERC and industry employees strengthens the capture of the agency that fuels the bias. 

Help secure an independent investigation by the Government Accountability Office into the abuses of power, process and law by FERC when it comes to interstate natural gas pipelines, their compressors and LNG export facilities. Write your congressional representative now to urge their help in securing this necessary independent review.

Click here to send a letter to your representatives!


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