Confirmed the nominations of FERC Commissioners McIntyre and Glick — November 3rd 2018

The US Senate has confirmed the nominations of FERC Commissioners McIntyre and Glick who will be seated within days. Based on historical behavior, FERC is likely to rubber stamp the approval of PennEast’s Certificate of Necessity and Convenience rather quickly. This has been expected and does not mean the pipeline is approved.

Shortly after the Certificate is issued, PennEast will begin its pressure to get on our property and will then request the right to take our property through eminent domain. This may all happen within weeks.

These actions have all been expected. This is what HALT and its many allies have been planning to deal with for months! As we’ve said, this is the time when the real fight begins!

PennEast cannot survey your land without the proper paperwork. If they don’t provide it when they attempt to come on your property notify the police immediately.

This pipeline will be stopped. We suggest that homeowners be vigilant in their continued opposition. We are available to assist in this matter. As things unfold quickly, we will keep you up-to-date.

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