Surveying — January 5th 2019

Dear Neighbors,

As you probably know, PennEast has been granted eminent domain by the Federal judge which means that we are moving into the next phase of this process – surveying. By sticking together, all of you brave and determined people have delayed this project and, by taking 8 months, the Federal judge unintentionally helped as well.

While this may be a difficult and emotional time, please remember that this isn’t a bad thing. None of us wants to be fighting this indefinitely. Ultimately, we want to see this project killed – once and for all. For that to happen, NJ DEP (and others) needs to get P/E’s application – remember, it was the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NY’s version of the DEP) who killed the Constitution Pipeline. In order for that to happen, P/E needs to get on the properties. We’ve done great work delaying this project but to really finish it off, we do need the process to march forward.

Surveying could begin as early as next week. Tim Duggan of Stark & Stark is working with the attorneys from PennEast, as well as the courts, to attempt to get some guidelines in place. This is an evolving situation but I wanted you to know that the CAP leaders are staying on top of it and we will get the information out as soon as we have it (should be early next week). We are also talking about arranging township meetings along the route.

In the meantime, remember:

  • Do not interfere with the surveyors – it really doesn’t help us and you could be arrested.
  • You can video or photograph – just keep your distance and don’t be in the way.
  • Landowners and abutters can join the text alert system for support:
    • To Join the Group: Text “Ezlandassist” to 797979. You will receive a message that reads in part: Thank you for joining Landowner Support.
    • For Support: Once you’ve joined, you can text “SUPPORT” to 797979 at any time to get assistance.
    • To leave the Group: Text “STOP EZLandAssist” to 797979.

More information is forthcoming. Hang in there – we’re going to win this!

Keep the faith!

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