Tell NJDEP to Reject PennEast Now!–September 18th 2019

Tell NJDEP to Reject PennEast Now!

Last week, a federal court ruled that PennEast Pipeline cannot seize NJ state-owned land to build its proposed pipeline including all of the preserved farmsinterspersed throughout their route.

This is a big blow to PennEast!

However, the fight is not yet over. Impacted homeowners, their friends and neighbors are requesting action by petitioning the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).

This Petition, already signed by over 4,300 New Jerseyans, tells NJDEP to reject PennEast’s pipeline permit outright because it cannot meet New Jersey’s strict environment requirements under the Clean Water Act. (NJDEP has issued a deficiency letter to PennEast stating that their application is “not administratively complete” however, the application can be resubmitted by PennEast.) 

You can help by taking one or more of these steps:

  • Sign the petition today, if you haven’t.
  • Have other members of your household sign the petition.
  • Forward this email to your friends, neighbors and others in NJ asking them to sign.
  • Copy and paste the following to your Facebook page: 
    Fact: New Jersey has more than enough pipelines to meet demand for natural gas. Fact: The PennEast pipeline threatens the drinking water of over a million New Jerseyans.  Stand up for facts: Urge the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to stop the PennEast pipeline once and for all:            sc=halt


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