Posters on the Pipeline ; Kitty Evans


These posters are the art work of our Webmaster, Kitty Evans.  She created these as a school project but we think they express not only her feelings about living with the threat of the PennEast pipeline but the feelings of many of our HALT landowners.

Take a look if you would like some insight into the day to day impact of this project over the past seven years.

The Poisonous Dangers of the Proposed PennEast Pipeline

The PennEast Pipeline, Jacqueline Haut Evans, and HALT PennEast

July 2021 Report To Stakeholders



PennEast/UGI Pipeline Project- Prepared 8/6/21

We follow the money. In its recently released quarterly report, New
Jersey Resources, has downgraded its investment in PennEast saying
that,” Despite the favorable outcome from the Supreme Court,
PennEast continues to experience regulatory and legal challenges
resulting in continued delays preventing the commencement of
construction and commercial operation of the project.” Another
partner, South Jersey Industries recently released their quarterly
report also downgrading the PennEast investment saying that the
ultimate outcome of this project could not be determined.

Most of the resisting landowners in Carbon County have not
been taken to court for Eminent Domain.
Now that the Supreme
Court has decided the New Jersey v. PennEast case, the Federal
Eastern District Court will want to move forward on these cases, and
we expect to be subpoenaed soon. We take comfort in the fact that
even if they coerce our land from us, the easements will be worthless
pieces of paper if the pipeline is never built.

Under a recent Freedom of Information Act request, a group
called Physicians for Social Responsibility has learned that in 2011, the
EPA approved the use of three compounds known as “forever
to be used in the fracking process. These long-lasting
compounds called PFAs are a threat to people and wildlife in minuscule
amounts and were approved to be pumped into the ground despite the
agency’s own grave concerns about their toxicity. The EPA’s approval
of the three compounds for this purpose was not previously known.
The EPA identified serious health risks associated with these chemicals
but approved their industrial use with very lax oversight. The fracking
industry pumps various chemicals underground at high pressure to
facilitate the drilling process. Under Pennsylvania law, these chemical
mixtures are considered “trade secrets” and are not required to be
revealed. The presence of PFAs threatens to expose workers as well
as people who live downstream or nearby to a class of chemicals that
has links to cancer, birth defects, and other serious health problems.

Save Carbon County is a member of a regional and two-state effort to stop the PennEast/UGI pipeline.
Local information can be found on FaceBook at “Stop the Fracking Pipeline.” Regional Information can be found on FaceBook at “Stop PennEast Pipeline.”

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