About Us

Homeowners Against Land Taking PennEast (HALT-PennEast), is volunteer organization approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization formed and operated by volunteer homeowners, farmers, business people, and residents along the proposed PennEast pipeline route.

The overall mission of HALT-PennEast is to educate, advocate and litigate for homeowners directly impacted by the proposed PennEast pipeline to prevent unlawful and inappropriate condemnation and confiscation of private land protected by the United States Constitution and relevant state laws, statutes and regulations.

As our work has unfolded, our initiative has broadened to encompass diverse communities and a broader geography in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania region. The issues involved with one current proposed pipeline, the PennEast pipeline, are emblematic of the common issues that our two states, and the nation, face in unneeded, unwanted and harmful pipelines that force the seizure of our land, then endanger all who live in the vicinity.

These initiatives not only have significant impact on our constitutional property rights, but on the well-being of our communities and planet, the environment, and the direction of future energy infrastructure.

Our mission is not about our houses, but about our home.  Our one shared home: Planet Earth.  Protecting the land we own, the water we drink, the air we breathe is not only our priority today, rather our paramount concern for our children and our children’s children.  Our common goal is to come together to educate and empower land owners and community members, while respecting our environment and being stewards of our precious natural resources.  While lines on a map might define property and state borders, our soil, air and water know no such boundaries.

Our focus is on the unwarranted and uncontrolled eruption of natural gas pipelines, like the PennEast Pipeline, and the resulting improper and illegal threat of eminent domain for such projects that are unneeded, unwanted and harmful and that do not follow a complete and thorough process to conform with federal and/or state laws and regulations.

Our activities include:
·         Educating communities on the facts, risks and developments of specific gas pipeline proposals (like the PennEast Pipeline)
·         Educating homeowners and landowners on their property rights
·         Advocating, educating political leaders on those projects that threaten homeowner/landowner rights
·         Engaging legal support for homeowners confronting the possibility of unlawful condemnation through eminent domain
·         Coordinating with other property rights organizations, citizen groups and environmental groups with allied missions
·         Writing letters and meeting with representatives from federal and state agencies  
·         Conducting workshops and distributing materials to homeowners and landowners

Our volunteers have been contacted by many people who tell us they need a voice to make their concerns heard, and that only by coming together as a dedicated organization can the mission to preserve our rights and save the places they love and call home succeed.