Jacqueline Evans in her studio.

Jacqueline Evans is not only a directly impacted homeowner on the proposed PennEast pipeline route, she is also a mother and artist. When the route moved from her ex-husbands farm 4 years ago to hers, her opposition to the unneeded and unwanted project transformed into a variety of installation art projects. The first series began from the moment she first learned about the route change to her property. In response, Evans painted her first banner titled The Rape of Utopia and mounted it on her garage facing the road. She and her 3 young children then painted The Pipeline Makes Us Scream and then Eminent Domain For Corporate Gain Is UnAmerican. The many more banners followed were hung on hay wagons and barns throughout her community. They have been used by the press repeatedly in stories and as stock photos relating to the battle of homeowners to stop the project and the abuse of eminent domain. Evans refers to her projects as Art On The Line and hopes they will  others to stay engaged and continue the fight.

the rape of utopia.jpeg
‘The Rape of Utopia’
‘Historic NJ Agriculture District; Centuries of Hard Work’
‘Eminent Domain For Corporate Gain Is UnAmerican’
‘No Certification Without Justification’
‘Upon The Sacredness Of Property Civilization Itself Depends’
‘Delaware Township Won’t Be Taken By PennEast!’
‘Don’t Tread On Me; PennEast Go Home!’
‘The Right To Own Private Property Is One Of America’s Basic Freedoms.’