Dreamcatcher; Jacqueline Evans

Jacqueline Evans’ Dreamcatcher series was created for the Donald B. Jones Walk in November of 2017. This annual event in Delaware Township, New Jersey is held to honor and appreciate the hard work of those who preserved the land and appreciate its benefit to our community and state. With the help of others in her community, Evans made 8 pieces which were placed on farms on the proposed PennEast Pipeline route. The Dreamcatchers were comprised of 36” hoops representing the circumference of the pipeline with strips of fabric tied on to the them. The fabric, representing the “fabric of the community”, was donated to Evans by MaryAnn Plesher who is a widow on the line. These hoops were mounted on wood poles and mounted high in fields where they were able to blow in the wind on the pipeline route in Delaware Township. Just as Native American Indians used dreamcatchers to catch good dreams, Evans’ dreamcatchers were meant to catch good thoughts and hope that the land would be spared from the unnecessary and unwanted project.