Interactive PennEast Route Maps

Click the link below to access an interactive map showing the preferred PennEast route. This is the most recent preferred route by PennEast as of September 23, 2016.

CLICK HERE: Most recent route as of Sept 23, 2016

Map key:

  1. The route outline is the 400′ survey corridor
  2. The line in the very center of that is the pipeline center line
  3. The orange &  yellow areas around the center line is the 50′ wide permanent right of way easement PennEast seeks
  4. The light blue areas are  temporary construction zones.
  5. The yellow dots are mile markers
  6. You can zoom in and out with the +/- signs, and you can search via the magnifying glass on the upper left

The below map is a bit different than the one above. It shows all of the route variations proposed by PennEast on one map.

CLICK HERE: All PennEast Proposed Routes

Map key:

  1. The shaded red route is the original 2014 route.
  2. The pink route is the most recent route as of Sept 23, 2016
  3. The wide blue routes are the so-called Important Bird Area avoidance routes filed with FERC by PennEast in November 2016.
  4. The solid red and yellow routes represent earlier smaller variations