Tell the NJDEP NO!

Game changer happening this Monday night! Let’s do this!  

There is a critical public hearing being held by the NJDEP to address a pipline project that will hook up to PennEast – the Garden State Expansion proposal.  We need thousands of people at this meeting to show NJDEP why this is wrong and show our wide spread opposition.  If the DEP does its job and does not act on the GSE then PE is affected.  More problems for PennEast. 

We are asking everyone to please attend this meeting: 

6 pm,  August 22, 2016, at the Ramada Inn, 1083 US-206, Bordentown, NJ.   

Click here for a map:   google maps

Why is this an important action?

It’s vital that we show up at this hearing to demonstrate tremendous public opposition to this expansion because this:

  • This is the first real step we can take to fundamentally constrict the system design that PennEast is positioning for their pipeline.
  • It is a real time event for us to show DEP, politicians, PE shareholders and the media the massive and united opposition we represent.
  • This will shine the light on the cumulative impacts to our safety, drinking water, and property rights that PennEast violates.

This project calls for the expansion of an existing compressor station in Lawrence Township in Mercer County, NJ and the installation of a new compressor station, meter and regulating station on environmentally-sensitive land located in Chesterfield Township in Burlington County, N.J. All of which many experts say is unneeded and harmful!

We are committed to showing up in large numbers to stop this expansion project, an important step to stop or slow the PennEast train from rolling forward.

Please see our flyer for more information regarding the event and potential comments.

All groups working to STOP the PennEast project are calling for this action by citizens including: HALT PennEast, Holland Township CAP, Alexandria CAP, Kingwood CAP, Delaware CAP, West Amwell CAP, Lambertville CAP, Hopewell Township CAP, and all the NGO’s are asking all people to attend this meeting!