Please Intervene By March 8, 2019 — February 24th, 2019

Please Intervene again by March 8, 2019

FERC filed a Notice of Amended Application for PennEast and a new docket # CP19-78. Their notice, linked below, indicates a call for intervenors and comments by March 8.

Land owners should always intervene, even if you know what FERC’s going to do. We urge all HALT members to intervene in this matter. You do NOT have to be a directly impacted homeowner to intervene. Any indirectly impacted or concerned citizen is entitled to speak their voice and state why they are intervening. For instance Lambertville residents, although not on the route are impacted by the risks to the high risk dam the PennEast route goes right by.  Several members of the same household or family may intervene.

HALT has a petition for review the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. To maintain standing as the case moves forward, HALT’s members should be involved in all aspects of this project.

If you are a landowner you should say:
I make this motion to intervene as an owner of land that would be directed impacted by the
PennEast pipeline project. No one else can represent my interests.

The CAPs developed instructions for previous and new interveners, below. Please feel free to distribute or use.


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